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Perk up your cauliflower grain using these SEVEN scrumptious cauliflower grain recipes! Ideal for adding more fresh vegetables for your dinner, or you are carrying out a reduced carbOrketo diet!

It may be quite simple to obtain stuck on ‘auto-pilot’ with regards to sides. I understand with regards to cauliflower grain will be able to really go to town the same kind of ‘plain jane’ routine…and today’s publish with SEVEN cauliflower grain recipes is my means to fix this!

With only a couple of simple spices, you are able to totally kick your cauliflower grain up a notch. Regardless of whether you like things subtle or spicy, there’s a cauliflower grain recipe for everybody!

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These 7 cauliflower grain recipes

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Tools & Ingredients

Here are a few of my personal favorite tools and things that I made use of of these easy grain recipes:

How you can prepare these cauliflower grain recipes

NOTE- these recipes were tested homemade cauliflower grain. Store-bought cauliflower grain can differ in dimensions and you may want to adjust the prepare time accordingly.

  1. Heat oil in pan. Add some riced cauliflower and all sorts of other ingredients.
  2. Sautee 3-a few minutes, or before the cauliflower grain is performed the way you like.
  3. Stir in any extra ingredients, for example coconut milk for that coconut cauliflower grain, or salsa for that spicy Mexican cauliflower grain.

Cauliflower Grain FAQ

Answering all of your cauliflower grain questions below! For additional nitty gritty details and video tutorial to make and storing cauliflower grain, see my Steps To Make Cauliflower Grain Publish!

Will I require a mixer to create cauliflower grain? No! You may also make use of a box grater making your cauliflower grain by hands. It’s labor intensive but so worthwhile! To keep your pre-riced cauliflower within the produce department and frozen food aisle of numerous supermarkets.

Can One begin using these cauliflower grain recipes for meal prep? Yes! These cauliflower grain recipes could be refrigerated for approximately 4 days after cooking. You may also grain the cauliflower in advance and it inside a storage container within the fridge for approximately ten days.

Can One freeze cauliflower grain? You are able to freeze cauliflower grain before cooking without a doubt. I will have to do more testing to find out regardless of whether you can freeze these recipes after cooking. I believe the Mexican and coconut cauliflower grain recipes would finish up mushy after freeze/thawing as there is a greater water content.

Does cauliflower grain have carbs? Yes. While reduced in carbs than traditional grain, cauliflower grain still takes care of have carbs, and every recipe within this publish varies. Look into the notes around the recipe card for dietary information for every recipe.

7 Cauliflower Grain Recipes

1. Coconut Cauliflower Grain

Beginning with my personal favorite cauliflower grain recipe from the whole publish! A lot coconut flavor, slightly sweet, creamy and merely plain scrumptious. This coconut cauliflower grain recipe pairs well with tropical and Asian flavors.

This coconut cauliflower grain recipe goes well with

2. Turmeric Golden Cauliflower Grain

I really like the gorgeous golden colour of this golden cauliflower grain, it packs an anti-inflammatory punch with turmeric, ginger root, garlic clove and onion. You should use fresh or powdered spices.

This turmeric golden cauliflower grain goes well with

3. Sesame Ginger root Cauliflower Grain

This sesame ginger root cauliflower grain is really a super simple recipe, and is made from kitchen staples (have you ever seen my Kitchen Staples for Meal Prep publish?) These flavors are great with Asian entrees and sides.

This sesame ginger root cauliflower grain goes well with

4. Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Grain

This type of classic, you realize I needed to include cilantro lime within this publish! Cilantro lime cauliflower grain pairs very well with numerous flavors including tropical, Mexican and Asian.

This cilantro lime cauliflower grain goes well with

5. Lemon Garlic clove Cauliflower Grain

The vibrant citrussy flavors of the lemon garlic clove cauliflower grain goes perfectly with Italian and Greek flavors. PS- it’s so easy to make and it has just a number of ingredients!

This lemon garlic clove cauliflower grain recipe goes well with:

6. Spicy Mexican Cauliflower Grain

I adore this recipe is SPICY? If you wish to reduce the spice, omit the chipotle chili powder (that stuff is harmful!). This spicy Mexican cauliflower grain recipe goes very well with southwestern and Mexican flavors!

This Mexican grain recipe goes well with

7. Parmesan Cauliflower Grain

This parmesan cauliflower grain recipe doesn’t seem like much, however it has so. much. flay-vah! This recipe goes very well with Italian flavors.

This parmesan cauliflower grain recipe goes well with