Pulled pork slow cooker

Succulent pulled pork spiced with paprika and cinnamon is oh-so simple whenever you allow it to be within the slow oven. Serve with fennel and apple slices in bread rolls

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  • 7 bread rolls
  • British mustard
  • mayonnaise (optional)
  • Method

    Place the onion slices at the end from the slow oven. In a tiny bowl mix together 1 tablespoons of salt with 1 teaspoon ground pepper, the smoked paprika and cinnamon. Place the flour onto a plate then rub the spice mixture within the pork.

    Heat the oil inside a large fry pan and roll the spiced pork within the flour before putting it in to the pan to sear it on every side (you might want to do that in batches). When the meat is beginning to get a golden colour pop it on the top from the onion slices within the slow oven.

    Inside a large jug combine all of the ingredients for slow cooking the pork then pour within the meat. Pop the lid on and prepare around the low setting for 8 hrs.

    When you’re prepared to serve, go ahead and take meat from the slow oven departing the cooking liquor behind. Place the cooked meat on the roasting tray or large shallow bowl and pull it into bite-size chunks and shred with 2 forks. Ladle a bit of the cooking juices within the pork and blend together.

    Chuck the ball fennel and apple slices within the fresh lemon juice and season well serve combined with the pulled pork in bread rolls. Spread the rolls after some British mustard and mayonnaise if you want.