Pineapple stuffing

This baked pineapple stuffing is really good with pork dinner! Created using soft bread, sweet pineapple, butter, and eggs. It’ll function as the highlight of the Easter time!

Geez are you able to believe it’s Easter time week already?!

I figured I’d an excellent jump on all of the Easter time recipes, but in some way this still snuck on me.

It’s ok though, because through the years I’ve managed to develop an excellent stockpile of wonderful recipes for that spring holiday. I’m especially a fan of these coconut macaroons, these carrot cake cupcakes, which pineapple upside lower cake. Really, anything pineapple just screams Easter time in my experience. I suppose since it goes very well with pork.

We also have pork for Easter time dinner, along with a couple of in the past we began adding pineapple stuffing towards the range of sides. These things are amazing! The interior is pillow-y soft and moist, and also the edges get brown and crisp along with a little soft. It’s buttery and sweet, also it compliments the pork within the most breathtaking way.

After we attempted it, there wasn’t any returning, and today it’s simply not Easter time unless of course this baked pineapple casserole is around the menu.

Pineapple stuffing is essentially just like a mix from a bread dressing (like you’d have together with your Thanksgiving poultry) along with a bread pudding.

It produced from cubes of bread, but it’s also sweet and wealthy and buttery. It’s simple to make and it’ll add a lot for your holiday meal!

Make certain you receive a little of the incredible side together with every bite of the Easter time pork.

This tasty dish is made from just a number of fundamental ingredients.

Begin with the butter, sugar, and salt. Place these 3 ingredients inside a large mixing bowl, and cream them along with an electrical mixer until they’re really pale and extremely fluffy. This will take about a few minutes on high-speed.

Next, whip within the eggs, individually. Allow each egg to completely incorporate before adding the next. It’s also smart to scrape the underside and sides from the bowl lower having a silicone spatula after each addition.

As you can tell here, the mix need to look really fluffy and soft.

You can now add some crushed pineapple. Toss in the entire can, such as the juice! It’ll make the stuffing extra sweet and additional moist.

While you fold the pineapple in, you may spot the mixture begins to look just a little curdled. This really is totally ok! It’s simply because there’s lots of liquid when compared with butter, and water and fat don’t enjoy to combine. But don’t worry- because the casserole bakes it’ll all get together.

The final component may be the bread. Just cube it or tear it into 1-inch pieces together with your hands, then fold it in to the butter/pineapple mixture.


My personal favorite type of bread for this casserole is simply plain, soft white-colored bread.

But you might use potato bread, brioche, or Hawaiian bread. Anything that’s really soft and somewhat sweet works well.

Transfer this sweet, buttery, bread-y goodness to some gently greased baking dish and bake it ’til bubbly and golden. Prepare- all of your house will smell incredible!

This recipe can make your holiday prep super-simple. It’s an excellent make-ahead dish.

You may either prep it and refrigerate it unbaked, or fully bake it after which reheat it simply before serving.

Should you prep it without baking, it is possible a couple of days ahead, and when you fully bake it, it’ll continue for three to five days (tightly wrapped) within the fridge.

Pineapple casserole freezes superbly. Just pay for it tightly with foil also it ought to keep within the freezer not less than per month.

To reheat this dish, just put it inside a warm oven (170 levels F) until warmed through. Wrap it tightly in foil first, therefore it doesn’t become dried up.

I’ve had a couple more Easter time recipes to express within the next couple of days, so stay tuned in! And meanwhile I really hope you’ll add this scrumptious pineapple stuffing for your holiday menu.

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