Pasta dough recipe

no cooking needed

A vintage Italian fresh pasta recipe. Experiment with the addition of your personal flavourings and making different pasta shapes.

no cooking needed



Put the flour inside a mixer and pulse it. Add some whole egg and egg yolk and blending before the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs (it should not be dusty, nor if it is a large, gooey ball). This takes 2-3 minutes.

Tip the dough and knead to create right into a ball shape. Knead it quickly for one minute, it ought to be quite stiff and difficult to knead. Wrap in cling film and then leave to relax inside a awesome spot for half an hour before using.

Now cut the dough into 2 pieces. For every piece, flatten having a moving pin to around 5mm/ in) thickness. Fold within the dough and pass it with the pasta machine at its largest setting, refolding and moving 7 occasions (not altering the setting) til you have an oblong shape 7.5x18cm/3×7 in. You should work the dough until it’s nice shiny, because this provides it with the “al dente” texture. Repeat using the second bit of dough.

Now you are prepared to unveil. Begin with the pasta machine at its largest setting, pass the dough with the rollers. Don’t fold but continue doing this process, reducing the roller setting lower grade by grade with every pass. For many uses, I go ahead and take pasta lower towards the penultimate setting – specifically for ravioli, when you are sandwiching two layers together when it’s folded. Use on to result in the ravioli.

1. Always cover sitting dough with cling film or perhaps a moist tea towel to avoid it becoming dry.

2. Don’t add oil towards the cooking water. It’s a fallacy it prevents sticking and it is therefore an entire waste of oil.

3. Don’t dredge the pasta in flour to avoid sticking, because the flour turns to connect when cooked and, ironically, causes the pasta to stay together. Use semolina flour from Italian delis rather.