Baked eggplant

Dietary Gu >(per serving) 34 Calories 0g Fat 8g Carbs 1g Protein Diet Details Servings: two to four servings Amount per serving Calories 34 % Daily Value* Total Fat 0g % Saturated Fats 0g % Cholesterol 0mg % Sodium 1747mg 76% Total Carb 8g 3% Soluble Fiber 4g 15% Protein 1g Calcium 13mg 1% *The […]

Baked bacon

Leave behind splattering grease and overcrowded skillets. Baking bacon is easy. Best of luck is individually selected by our editors. If you purchase something through our links, we might earn a joint venture partner commission. Is anything as scrumptious as crispy bacon? While bacon sizzling inside a skillet is aromatic and sure nostalgic of easy […]

Baked apple recipe

These easy Baked Apples really are a scrumptious healthy fall dessert. Crisp fresh apples full of a cinnamon sugar, walnut mixture and baked until warm and tender. Serve having a scoop of vanilla frozen treats. Hooray for apple season! I’ve a lot of favorite apple recipe this season, It might be difficult to select a […]

Apple fritters

Apple Fritters are luscious fried donuts full of apples, cinnamon and drizzled by having an easy three component glaze. You could have these tasty treats inside your hot hands in under half an hour. Make certain you stash a few on your own or you will blink your vision and they’ll go away. These are […]