Onion ring recipe




Fundamental essentials best onion rings that i’ve ever made. Many thanks.

I’ve chose to make this recipe so frequently! It’s excellent over steaks, fish, salad, potato dishes. It raises everything up an amount!

Love love these onion rings.

I made use of seltzer water or club soda rather of reg water. I usually use within batters for any more lighter, airy outcome

I’ve finally found the key to get onion ring batter to remain around the durn onions while cooking. To put it simply the sliced onions inside a ziplock baggie and allow them to sit in corn starch to have an hour approximately before cooking! Works each time.

Looks wonderful, very such as the one I personally use however i was searching for any recipe such as this to have an air fryer. Any help there ?

I had been searching for any quick accessory for pulled pork sandwiches. Thought it was! This recipe is really a keeper.

Deeeeliicious! Simple too. Tasty and lightweight. Required longer to prepare for all of us.

These happen to be declared by my hubby like a new family staple. He ate an entire onion by himself!

Light and crispy! Declared a household favorite. Used a couple of medium onions.