Morning glory muffins

These hearty and straightforward morning glory muffins taste like spiced apple cake and moist carrot cake… combined… in the morning!

Happy Easter time! Kevin and that i visited just a little bed and breakfast a few days ago lower in northern Virginia to celebrate our 180 day anniversary. We’d had the experience three years ago and loved it, therefore it was exciting to become back. They’d just a little wine tasting shindig in their restaurant which (helloooo, free wine!) switched an excellent night into a much better night. We enjoyed lots of great food– together with a white-colored chocolate raspberry cheesecake– only one of my top picks was this incredibly moist, flavorful morning glory muffin. It had been full of apple, carrot, brown sugar, pecans, and raisins. I recognize when compared with White-colored CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE… it’s a raisin muffin… but there is just something about its spice, flavor, which damn moist texture that made the muffin so memorable.

I’m discussing my little copycat version with ya today. You may still an Easter time Sunday treat? If that’s the case, start preheating that oven.

Today’s jam-packed muffins are extremely simple. They’re a wholesome muffin, without a doubt, but don’t really win to begin with. There’s just a little brown sugar and oil for flavor and texture. To lighten them up, I personally use a mixture of applesauce and oil. By doing this the muffins maintain their moist, wealthy texture but aren’t considered lower with fat. Sometimes I’ve found that replacing all from the fat in muffin recipes produces a rubbery texture.

Some super power healthy all-stars: wheat grains flour, grated apple and carrots, pecans, and ground flax. These wheat grains muffins obtain flavor from apple, carrots, honey, brown sugar, orange zest, cinnamon, and ginger root. Kind of like stuffing the face with a bit of carrot cake and spiced apple cake… together… in the morning. Most likely why I really like them a lot! Two faves. Oh, and if you choose to top all of them with cream cheese frosting, well we’re soul mates we.

Additionally, these classic muffins have toasted nuts for texture, raisins because I’m obsessed, along with a a little OJ for more flavor. As you can tell (read!), there’s A lot much satisfying, wholesome goodness packed into this muffin batter.

Let’s talk variations!

I baked 3 batches of those muffins yesterday. My freezer was searching scarce and that i had a military of carrots within the crisper drawer. I tested and tweaked the muffins with various add-ins like coconut, shredded zucchini, crushed pineapple, and sunflower seeds. I’m excited to talk about this batter is amazingly forgiving and there’s room for many experimenting according to that which you like/dislike. Allergic to nuts? Leave them out. Hate raisins? More for me personally. Want some coconut? Throw it in! Just make certain you don’t crowd the batter with an excessive amount of stuff. See my recipe notes below for tasty variations.

Wealthy in spiced cake flavor, lusciously moist in texture, and satisfyingly hearty. It certainly appears like millions of ingredients, however, many are optional and a few could be swapped. They’re all pretty convenient and simple. A lot nutrients here!

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