Microwave peanut brittle

Discover the secret to buttery Microwave Peanut Brittle (without the burnt taste!). It’s simpler than you believe to produce that crunchy, airy texture. Yes, inside your microwave.

My hubby Jim is a big peanut brittle fan. Me? Less so: My recollections of peanut brittle involve which makes it inside a chemistry lab in senior high school. Crunchy? Yes. Burnt-tasting? Certainly.

I really thought the burnt taste was normal. That peanut brittle enthusiasts were just crazy individuals who loved the flavour of burnt peanuts. Fortunately, Jim set me straight.

When made properly, Microwave Peanut Brittle is light and airy, crunchy and sweet. It jogs my memory of Honeycomb, or Fairy Food, or whatever golden, buttery-crisp food one thinks of. It’s addictive. It’s heavenly. It’s perfection.

The key? That’s easy: Microwave the components at 50% power.

Whenever you microwave at full power, it is easy for something to overheat and burn within seconds. Shed minutes to prevent the burning, and you find yourself with undercooked, soft, unhappy brittle.

However when you microwave at 50% power, something magical happens. Chemistry, I guess. That’s lots of goodness to leave 7 ingredients and 12 minutes.

Once you have effectively cooked your brittle mixture at 50% until gently golden and aromatic, just pour it onto a lined cookie sheet and awesome. Enter chunks and eat. Store leftovers (should there be any) within an airtight container at 70 degrees.

It’s fun, it’s courageous, and it is scrumptious. Allow it to be now.

Microwave Peanut Brittle Recipe

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Hi Meghan I simply dumped a load of burnt peanut stuff “YUCK” I adopted another recipe i then saw yours ,likely to give another try @ 50% . Thanks

I’ve attempted this two times however the peanut brittle is soft any ideas of the items I would do wrong could be appreciated

I make peanut brittle with similar recipe but when i made use of spanish peanuts. It had been absolutely scrumptious. Just a little untidy taking out the skins but worthwhile.

Thanks Meggan, for the reply. I hunted through stores frustrated not finding Raw peanuts until a baker been within my local grocer. He stated always visit the baking component aisle and you will find bags only for recipes there. Love peanut Brittle although not with any burnt taste.

I learned through learning from mistakes, you have to use RAW PEANUTS, or even the time specified will burn your recipes. No requirement for all of the modifying, just search for Raw . there’s an impact within the taste .

Thanks Gloria! This really is super useful! I appreciate you.

Hi! I’m a newlywed therefore we get one of individuals 30 dollar microwaves lol and so i don’t think I can adjust the ability it cooks it in. I had been just happy it’d a potato button!

Any recommendations for cooking it inside a standard microwave? Or simply eyeball it and perhaps make use of the raw peanuts I saw recommended earlier.

Ps: YOUR RECEIPIES Are Perfect. We made individuals cheese and pepperoni pizza bites for the twelve months anniversary so we couldn’t eat enough. After which that blueberry and lemon yogurt cake was that are awesome. You’ve solved the problem seem like a effective wife in the kitchen area! 😀

Fiorella, I’m so pleased to hear you’re getting fun with cooking! 🙂 I suppose I’d *try* to microwave it in two or three minute increments and merely keep close track of it! Simply do that until it’s light brown colored (and certainly begin with raw peanuts, just in situation!). I’d also say, purchase whether it doesn’t exercise the very first time! For me personally, cooking is really much about practice, and the very first time I make something, I believe that it could just fail. 🙂 However it seems like you’ve had lots of success, which means you clearly possess some natural talent! Congratulations on a single year of wedded bliss, here’s to a lot of more! XOXO

This really is brilliant! I really like peanut brittle making it every season, but it’s a discomfort due to the temperature rules and lower-right messiness from the whole factor. Your technique is genius! I’ll certainly be utilising your recipe the next time I make brittle.

Just e-cook book Meggan.
Good luck for Christmas and 2012.

Peanut Brittle is my dad’s favorite. Thanks, while he is destined to be real happy!

I’ve got a much the same recipe, primary difference when the peanuts are raw peanuts. Are you able to advise if yours are regular or raw peanuts. Thanks.

Hi Sharon, I simply used regular salted cocktails peanuts, I suppose these were cooked for some reason. I’m sure they have to happen to be. I question if this sounds like why I usually had a lot challenge with burnt peanuts?! Possibly basically had used RAW peanuts all along I wouldn’t have to prepare on 50% power. Hmmmm.

I’m glad you hubs set you straight, because peanut brittle may be the jam! LOVE that you simply chose to make this within the microwave! Gimme convenience and scrumptious all day long! This really is genius! Thank you for discussing the Yummy! Cheers!

Thanks Cheyanne, a girl just needs her husband to square things away. ) Calling things “the jam” is completely my jam, BTW. )