Mexican desserts




Your suppose to deep fry for any couple of seconds. And also you scoop frozen treats then you definitely freeze until very hard then deep fry for any couple of seconds and take out with slotted spoon. Drizzle with honey and canopy with whipped cream. Yummy

Easy, fun and scrumptious! Offered to some crowd of approximately 25 with frozen treats toppings and whipped cream also it would be a hit for the Mexican dinner!

I had been looking to find my personal favorite Mexican dessert but was disappointed that you simply overlooked the ultimate step of deep frying it prior to the honey drizzle.

We loved this inside my house! Everybody is definitely so shocked once they start eating it!

Fun idea for dessert. Everybody loved it from kids to adults! Used to do use 1/4 of cinnamon sugar already mixed also it was perfect.

So Great! It is really an awesome recipe when you do not have time for you to bake. Perfect week day dessert as well as for entertaining. I made use of ‘no sugar added’ vanilla frozen treats and Truvia rather of sugar. Also, since i didn’t have cornflakes, I crushed up some Frosted Cheerios. excellent! Thanks!!

I offered this with sweetened sliced bananas.

very easy and scrumptious

This has turned into a family favorite! It’s quite simple to create, and does taste the same as what we should reach our local Mexican restaurant. I additionally use smaller sized scoops, due to the fact the topping is really good that people enjoy having a bit in each and every bite! Kids request this frequently!

Taste similar to the restaurant’s version. I added a fried tortilla drizzled with cinnamon and sugar placed beneath the ice-cream ball. Also added whipped cream and chocolate syrup. A simple and scrumptious dessert. Thanks.