London broil recipe

What’s London broil?

Many people mistakenly think London broil began out like a cut of meat, when it is really a kind of preparation. The word describes meat that marinates after which sears or broils in a high temperature. After many years of recognition, some supermarkets do sell top-round steak as “London broil” becasue it is great for this cooking style after tenderizing.

How kind of meat would you use for London broil?

Top-round steak, sometimes offered as “London broil” or flank steak may be the traditional cut of beef employed for London broil given that they take well to marinades.

How can you prepare London broil?

You are making a marinade for that meat—ours is essential olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic clove, and Worcestershire—and allow it to take in the taste not less than an hour or so and as much as overnight. When prepared to prepare, preheat broiler and remove garlic clove in the steak (it’ll burn underneath the high temperature). Broil on the sheet pan for 12 to fifteen minutes per side, then let rest ten minutes before slicing From The GRAIN. Essential.

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