Corn pudding



Test Kitchen Tips

  • For any Tex-Mex side dish, give a can of diced eco-friendly chilies (or one of these simple other varieties) towards the batter and top with 1 cup of shredded Monterey Jack before baking.
  • Desire a more savory corn pudding? Simply omit the sugar. Then pair it having a couple of of those other healthy holiday-worthy sides.


    Absolute Breeze, wonderfully tasty. You shouldn’t be scared of the brown! I figured I accidentally left it in too lengthy, however the middle only agreed to be nicely set and also the edges were an attractive dark crispy brown having a nice little bit of browning over the entire top.

    Fabulous recipe. I made use of Greek yogurt rather from the sour cream and reduced the sugar to at least oneOr4 cup. I required the exam kitchens suggestion and added 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese along with a 1/4 cup of chopped eco-friendly chilies. We actually enjoyed reading this recipe. VFE.

    I made use of this recipe and me and my mother LOVED it, I made use of 1/4 sugar rather of just oneOr2 cup and that i did 1/2 cup of sour cream rather of just one cup. Arrived on the scene perfectly!

    A really similar recipe was handed in my experience by my mother a long time ago. My version doesn’t have eggs or milk and just one tablespoon of sugar. I bake it inside a deep 2 qt. Casserole. Always go to my office Christmas potluck and obtain rave reviews with no leftovers! I love the suggestion of adding eco-friendly chilies and can certainly try that.

    Way too sweet for the tastes, despite the sugar decline in half. The next time I’ll get rid of the sugar altogether and then add salt, pepper, and perhaps onion powder. However, it rose superbly and it was light and fluffy.

    Adopted recipe exactly and casserole didn’t rise. Daughter managed to get a couple of days ago coupled with same results. Possibly a 9×13 baking dish is simply too large.

    This can be a complete favorite of my buddies, family, and co workers. I don’t modify anything apart from a couple of more minutes prepare some time and I personally use light sour cream. For the people saying it requires way longer or perhaps is dry (HOW!?) It’s not designed to “set” from cooking. The center should a little jiggle when done, and when you poke it having a knife is should partly emerge clean. If one makes this ahead of time don’t over prepare. It’ll “Set” because it cools.

    I’ve already chose to make this recipe for any lengthy time. I tend not to add just as much sugar and I love to use fresh corn after i can. I’ve managed to get a lot more like a primary coarse and added eco-friendly chilies and cooked hamburger, pork or sausage after which then added selection of cheese. I’ve also seen people retain in the sugar and serve it as being a desert with frozen treats. I additionally prepare mine at 350 levels not less than 50 minutes. I love that it is a tiny bit brown on top. This way long is performed completely through.

    Very first time I chose to make this as written also it was a little too sweet in my taste, so the next time I overlooked the sugar (Jiffy mix already contains sugar) also it was 5 stars. I’ve since managed to get like a Tex-Mex side with the help of a can of eco-friendly chilies capped with Pepper Jack cheese. I additionally baked at 350 levels for 50 minutes for it to create. Lynne, Volunteer Field Editor

    I make corn pudding with fresh corn stop the cob. I’ve no use for canned crap.