Calico beans




This can be a favorite of mine since childhood. I really like the tangy sweetness from the sauce mingled using the bacon flavor. Mmmmm. so great! Mother always used lima rather of butter beans for additional color, and that i usually perform the same. Now my hubby is a huge fan of the dish too. Is effective within the crockpot too.

I’ve chose to make this recipe several occasions. Can make in slow cooker too. We like them!Barb

I chose to make this and sent it with my hubby to some potluck. He came home by having an empty dish–and so i guess it had been a success! I possibly could not find butter beans within the store and so i used black beans. I added about 1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke. I’ll save this recipe making it again.

We chose to make this at our Girl Scout overnight for any hearty lunch offered with cornbread. It had been a large hit and incredibly tasty and filling following a morning hike! Simple for the women (12 and 13) to prep and serve.

I’ve chose to make this dish for potlucks and family dinners numerous occasions and am always requested for that recipe. I personally use a 13 by 9 inch baking dish and add a fascinating twist by turning the oven as much as 400 levels over the past 10-fifteen minutes and topping the beans with canned biscuits (Grands are wonderful!) and sprinkling shredded cheese on the top from the biscuits. Bake before the biscuits are fluffy and brown.

Just required those to my niece’s wedding party! A woman looked me out when i was departing with my crockpot to discover “who made individuals beans!!” Made my day! Best and easiest recipe ever.

Excellent, precisely the recipe I had been searching for! Bending it and required it for Christmas dinner, still had lots of leftovers. I made use of recipe ready bacon bits with no you could tell!

Misplaced the flavour of Homes this arrived so had to take line to appear up. We simply love this recipe for calico beans, I actually do add yet another factor, 1/2 teaspoon of liquid smoke (or adapt to your taste). Causes it to be taste like cooked over a wide open fire.

Love this recipe! It certainly is requested for the fourth of This summer party!. I really allow it to be with no hamburger (hey, what is your hamburgers are grillin’ later anyway!) and throw it within the slow cooker on low for 4-6 hrs and voila’ , relax, light a sparkler, grab a chilly one and relish the party!