Broccoli rice casserole




We’v used this recipe for a lot of family gatherings and everybody loves it.

I’ve chose to make this many occasions to see relatives occasions. Also have to double it (Huge Family), It’s my job to use 1 can cream of mushroom and 1 can cream of celery. I additionally then add diced precooked chicken. I really like it since you can adapt to your personal specific tastes. Appreciate the truly amazing recipe. Even my broccoli hating family people enjoy it.

Sampled good, but did not such as the texture. Will attempt which makes it again using Velveeta rather of Cheez Whiz.

I recall eating this growing up. It switched out really salty and that i love salt. I did not serve it, I rapidly steamed some chicken in water, bay leaf and spices then added the casserole towards the broth using the diced up chicken so we had soup for supper.

My loved ones and that i loved this recipe however i made some alterations into it. ..i substituted evaporated milk for just twoOr3 glasses of vitamin D (x2), in addition to I made use of “shamys garlic clove butter” for sauteing the onions and broccoli. I additionally used velveeta cheese (about 16 cubes) within the sauce in addition to I made use of 1 can of cream of celery(rather of chopped celery) and 1 can of cream of mushroom..oh and that i MIXED all things in a souffle dish and capped with all of those other sauce which was left with shredded Monterey cheese! It arrived on the scene very creamy and cheesy although not soupy. My hubby and 2 kids LOVED IT!! There wasn’t any left overs. I’ll be causeing this to be again!

I have chose to make this many occasions and everybody wants it – even individuals that do not like broccoli.

I make my sister get this to everything Thanksgiving!! Like It

I’ve chose to make this several occasions so we like it. I actually do pre-prepare the broccoli before because we like our cooked veggies fork-tender, not crisp-tender (aside from corn around the cob). This time around I made use of cream of broccoli soup which i became of have. And That I use a mug of Cheez Whiz for that cheese sauce.

I have tried personally this recipe because it arrived on the scene in Taste of Home for a long time. It’s a huge family favorite..actually, I’m which makes it right now to decide to try certainly one of my daughter’s buddies who just had her knowledge teeth out and requires something tasty but squishy to consume! An absolute must try!

It was good although not amazing. I did not have Velveeta accustomed half a can of cheddar cheese soup, some mayo and a few shredded cheese. Then stirred the entire mixture together. It had been good but needed salt!