Broccoli quiche

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A simple broccoli cheese quiche recipe, created using just 5 ingredients! This vegetarian broccoli cheddar quiche is really a family favorite for supper, breakfast or lunch!

This broccoli cheese quiche is among individuals recipes that you would like to possess inside your back pocket, for individuals nights when you’re simply not sure what to create dinner. It’s so easy to make with only 5 ingredients (plus pepper and salt). And it’s a lot better than counting on takeout!

I really like the flexibility of the recipe. Quiche is suitable to consume any time, right? Whether you’ll need a dish for everyone in a hol >

To create this quiche, you begin by moving your cake crust, if required. It’s my job to make use of a pre-formed cake covering (see tips below) in order to save time. If you wish to help make your own cake crust, I really like this straightforward cake crust recipe… also it requires no dough chilling time!

To help make the quiche filling, firstly you prepare the broccoli until it’s crisp-tender. You are able to prepare the broccoli inside a steamer basket in your stove, by boiling it inside a pot water (covered), or perhaps in the microwave. (Microwave inside a bowl with a tiny bit of water, loosely engrossed in plastic wrap.) Take care not to over prepare the broccoli, because it will prepare more within the oven.

When the broccoli is cooked, chop up small. Whisk together eggs, milk, pepper and salt. Stir within the chopped broccoli and a few shredded cheddar. Pour the egg filling in to the cake covering and bake the quiche before the eggs are simply set.

You are able to personalize this quiche recipe as preferred. With eggs, milk, pepper and salt because the base, include your preferred fillings. Other chopped veggies for example onion, bell pepper, green spinach, zucchini, asparagus or perhaps sweet taters could be scrumptious. I’d recommend cooking the veggies in a tiny bit of essential olive oil around the stove before adding these to the egg mixture. Other cheeses for example pepper jack, mozzarella, goat cheese or feta would work well.

Consume anything you have remaining inside your refrigerator in the finish each week!

If you prefer a crust-less option, I suggest my Potato, Green spinach and Cheese Egg Casserole.