Brine turkey

This poultry brine recipe may be the Easiest way for creating probably the most flavorful Roasted Poultry you’ve ever had. Using these step-by-step directions for the way to brine a poultry, you’ll be a superstar this at the holiday meal with hardly any effort from you!

I don’t believe we are able to discuss Thanksgiving or Roasted Poultry without speaking about Alton Brown.

That man is really a genius. I am talking about seriously, can there be any recipe he’s not mastered?!

After I am searching for any hands lower champion, I use Alton’s techniques. I

Therefore, after i was faced to prepare a poultry the very first time by myself, I switched to Alton Brown’s approach to brining a poultry before roasting.

Why Brine a Poultry?

Brining is the procedure of soaking meat inside a brine solution before cooking.

Because the meat sits within the brine, it soaks in the brine, which flavors the meat and adds moisture towards the bit of meat.

Because poultry isn’t a flavorful meat on it’s own, and has a status to be a little around the dry side, brining a poultry is an ideal solution to make a flavorful and moist primary course for the holiday meal.

How you can Brine a Poultry

Alton Brown is really a genius, but his recipes are usually complex or require special equipment.

I required his poultry brine recipe and altered up for that average home prepare. My way of brining a poultry produces just like a scrumptious roast poultry as Alton Brown’s method, but helps you save a small fortune.