Beer brats

You will find couple of factor that talk louder in my experience than grilling on game day or splurging on a lot of appetizers in a tailgate. Today, I’m joining my blogging buddies in celebrating: Football Food.

My home is Eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin so we love our Packers. We love any tradition that enables us to look at the Packers while consumer beer then one hot from the grill. That being stated, I felt it was time for you to share my recipe for Wisconsin Beer Brats.

Brats really are a staple at our hour so we ready them a couple of various ways, however this technique is my all-time favorite. I simmer my brats in beer with thinly sliced onions and finished them around the grill. No fancy seasoning mixes needed. The brats could be came back towards the beer and onion pot to help keep warm, or they may be offered immediately.

I even grilled these babies within the snow. Grilling is really a year-round activity during these parts.

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What exactly will a person placed on a brat? Well, you will find purists who choose them plain or having a couple of onions. There are several that insist upon mustard only, there are also some that insist upon mustard and sauerkraut only…..and perhaps onions too. Ketchup and pickles obtain the side-eye from many people, but it’s really pretty present with see ketchup on the brat. I usually have a laugh because many people are extremely strong concerning the brat topping opinions.

Exactly what do I love on mine? I’ll, happily, eat any of these, but my topping of preference are beer simmer onion, grainy mustard, and a lot of sauerkraut.

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We’re being prepared for a large cold snap now, and i’m while using leftovers from all of these bad boys to create a scrumptious brat chowder, and that i can’t wait to talk about it along with you in a few days!

Another fantastic way to use leftover brats, should you really have leftovers, may be the chop them and scramble them in eggs. Brats ‘n’ eggs has gone out visit breakfast if we are at our cottage in Door County the morning following a cookout.

A lot yummy within this bite. Couple of foods can help remind me of summer time, but additionally of the cold trip to Lambeau Field greater than a brat can!